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 Critical Thinking in Business

Critical Thinking in Business ISBN  978-1-59630-024-8  Critical Thinking in Business, Paperback, 8¼X5½, 120 pp. $16.95

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A practical text for building thinking skills.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1
What is Critical Thinking? 5
Assumptions –Can be Dangerous and Costly 9
Asking Critical Thinking Questions 23
Frames of Reference 33
Frames of Reference – Part Two 45
Methodological Believing 55
Causal Reasoning 65
Metacognition 73
Stress and Critical Thinking 81
Critical Thinking and Business Ethics 89
Critical Thinking in Business 101
Bibliography 107
About Bob Schoenberg 111

About Bob Schoenberg

Bob Schoenberg teaches an online graduate course in Critical Thinking via the University of Massachusetts at Boston.  He created the online version of Critical Thinking for the University of Massachusetts at Boston. He also conducts training seminars and workshops in southern New England.  He is a graduate of the Critical and Creative Thinking Program at UMASS, Boston, which is the only school in the country to offer a Masters degree in Critical Thinking.

Prior to teaching Critical Thinking, Mr. Schoenberg served as a software trainer and stress management consultant.  He incorporates stress management into his course in Critical Thinking based on the premise that one can’t think critically if one is stressed.

Bob has an extensive background in training and curriculum development.  Combining his background as a software trainer, educator and curriculum developer, he provides a comprehensive and highly effective online experience for his students. He brings practical business experience to the online classroom as well with over 12 years experience as an entrepreneur and business owner.

You can reach Bob at schoenberg (at), at bob.schoenberg (at), or at criticalthinking (at)


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